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This Week’s Question:

Dear Aunt Mary,

My days are so full and a lot of times I do not study the Bible. How can I find more time to do it?

- Janie

Dear Janie,

This is an age old question. Each one of us has twenty-four hours to the day. It’s how we allot those twenty-four hours. Look at your schedule. You have to have time to eat, go to school, get your homework, and sleep. We watch television, go to movies, hang out with friends, and just waste time. Somewhere in there, you should find a little time to study your Bible.

There are several ways to study, the time is yours. You can find places on the internet with plans to read the Bible through in a year. Your church probably also has those plans. I’m not that organized, so I read each day and it takes about a year for me to get through both the Old and New Testaments.

Another way is to find a subject you want to learn more about. Look in a good concordance and find all the references to that subject and study, not just read, but study about them. Don’t worry about the funny names; they will come to you as you read more. I do try to pronounce them.

I have my favorite books and chapters that I like to read over and over. Psalms 119 is my favorite chapter in the Bible. David seems to pour his heart out to God. It’s a long chapter, but worth reading. I love the book of Ruth. It’s short, but such a love story.

When to read? I read right before I go to bed. It seems I can sleep so much better after I have read and prayed to God. My one advice is don’t take a sleeping pill until after you read and pray. Find the right time for you. You will be enriched and your life will be happier.


Aunt Mary

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