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Phone numbers and names!


My chest was a volcano about to burst.  We were just going out for lunch.

“No, it wouldn’t be a big deal just getting a quick ride out to lunch.  He had no license, but it was just a little ways…”


I made a decision and thought I could get away with it. But I got caught. It wasn’t because of bad luck.  Many people think these types of situations are just bad luck or good luck.

I don’t agree.

Someone out there loves me.  He made sure that I got caught so I would learn from my mistake.  He made sure I wouldn’t get into the habit of doing bad things. So He stopped this at a minor dilemma.

Little experiences that are bad can start to seem okay but later turn into something worse.  If you have just one bad experience, that incident can lead you to believe it wasn’t bad, which then can lead you to worse behavior.

Someone stopped this event, allowing me to get into trouble.  This made it possible for me to learn how to confess.  Be serious about my apology.  Do better.  Work on temptations.  He allowed me to get caught in a risky position so that I could learn what could have happened if I was not stopped.  One moment you may think, “Oh it won’t hurt to just do one bad thing.”  The next thing you know you’re in over your head, you’ve done it all, and there is no turning back.

Sometimes love hurts.  And dealing with it isn’t always fun.  We are like silver.  In the beginning we’re disfigured and full of impurities. When the Silversmith puts us in the sea of flames it burns away our imperfections.  The heated glow engulfs us and sometimes can frighten us.  We feel pain and want to get away, run and get rid of the torture.  Do we dare? If we run we will still have the defects.  Is it worth it? Do we want to live with that junk still inside us?  Or should we stay in the fire?

If we stay in the fire it will take care of us.  We will rid us of the defects we had to face.  We will feel light and the extra, unneeded weight will be gone.  We will still be ourselves, but we will have changed for the better.  Let the fire deal with you and get you.  In the end you will be clean and you will be the reflection of all the good in the world but most importantly out of this world. When silver goes through the fire and is purified it will reflect the image of the Silversmith. When we go through discipline and are purified we will reflect the image of God.  The likeness of what God wants us to be like.

I dealt with the fire, and now because of it, I am becoming a better person.  Not only am I benefiting, but so are the people around me.  I am a better influence, and I have the experience of doing bad and will be able to help the ones around me dealing with the same temptations.  The memories of going through these experiences will spark inside of us and remind us of the bad we did, but also for the good we became.

In my situation, everything happened for a reason.  I was drifting away from the only Truth in this world, the only way out of this world.  This bad experience brought me back.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good for those who love him” Romans 8:28

Thanks to a teen in Colorado for this good write-up.

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