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August 11th, 2014 | By admin

By Katt Anderson

This is the time of year when a lot of you are either  going  back in school or will be going soon. It’s scary and exciting both at the same time, if you are leaving home and entering college for the first time.

My husband has the worse story of going to college. He lived about nine hours away from the college he wanted to attend. His parents were not rich, just regular people. He told me his father, brother and himself left in the afternoon and drove all the way from Shady Valley, Tennessee to Henderson, Tennessee. That’s from the furthermost end of the state in the northeast to almost the end of the state in the west. Tennessee is a long state and there were no interstate roads back then. He said they arrived early on the morning before the dorm opened, and they put his things on the steps of his dorm and left. He’s always said it was the hardest thing to see his father and brother drive away in the wee hours of the morning.

When our children went to college, we moved them in and made sure they were settled, but I know it was hard for them to see us go. This is the biggest step they’d taken in their lifetime. They’d both had jobs and were used to dealing with people, but dorm life is different. The worse part was they knew no one, as both my husband and I did. Our son’s roommates have been friends since then. Our daughter didn’t have such a good experience, but she made it and had a better roommate her second year.

When you’re writing a book, you get to a point of no return. Your character’s can’t go back and change things. They have to forge ahead. I was thinking about that today because our oldest granddaughter moved into her dorm to start her college life. It’s a big step and she says it’s scary. I agree. I remember my first day at college and I wasn’t fortunate to have a good roommate until later in the year.

You have to get used to change in your life. It isn’t easy. I think about David and the changes he had to make in his life. First, he was tending his father’s sheep and only interested in doing what needed to be done every day. Then he took his brothers provisions and ended up killing Goliath. My, how his life changed! He was a hero. Can you imagine this happening in your life? We see things like this happening in the movies, but it really happened to David.

As David grows older, King Saul began to hate him. That had to be horrible. We’ve all had someone dislike us, but to hate us so much they wanted to kill us is a different thing. He overcome all those struggles and became king. His Psalms tell of his heartaches and his joy and his trust in God.

So, student, what can you learn from David. He took a lot and kept on believing God would help him. God did. He had faith. Keep your faith in God when things get scary and you feel alone. Pray for God’s guidance. He’s there to help you. Greet each day with a smile and remember God loves you, your family loves you and your friends love you. Keep your faith in Him.

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