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July 7th, 2014 | By admin

By Katt Anderson

Many people think they can do what they want. They can treat their body any way they want to. Drugs, alcohol, sex, anything that harms their body is okay because their body belongs to them. They can be disrespectful, abuse their peers, speak evil of their parents, and I could go on and on. It’s popular to do what “you” want to do. This is definitely an “I” world. But really, do you not have to be accountable to someone? Yes, and although we do not want to admit it, we are accountable to God. Why? Because He owns us. Christ died for us.

Young people resist the above statement. They have been taught in school, and in some churches, that they can do what they want. The Israelite people tried to do what they wanted and God punished them. So many times they would forsake God and worship idols. When they did that, they were taken captive or lost battles. God tried to teach them a lesson. They were His children and He wanted them to obey them.

Are we really our own? 1 Corinthians 6: 19 tells us, “Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own?” God puts us here for a little while to honor Him. We are His, not our own. Whatever we do to our bodies, whether drugs, alcohol, sex, cuttings, or whatever we do to harm our body is wrong. When we do this to ourselves, we are doing it to God.

We will be held in account for all that we do on earth. Many do not believe this, but the Bible is true. The Bible is the oldest religion. Moses wrote Genesis. He had probably been taught the Hebrew origin in his early childhood. Remember he grew up in Egypt which was a large nation and had different religious beliefs. His mother kept him until he was probably about four years old. That’s the time most babies were weaned. She most likely instilled in him the origins of the Hebrew nation. As he was taught from then on, he most likely was given a variety of histories to learn about. Even when he became a man, he knew he was a Hebrew.

Besides leading the children of Israel through the desert, he was also writing the first four books of the Bible. He was inspired of God to tell the history of his people. Can any other religion go back that far? Even Muslim wasn’t started until after the death of Christ. God has been with His people from the beginning. We belong to Him. He is always watching us and knows all our hurts, struggles and joys.

The Bible teaches us to respect our bodies and our souls. We are God’s. We are not our own. Everything we do should be to glorify God and please Him.


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