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October 29th, 2014 | By admin

by Paul Holland 

    Many, many Christians are growing increasingly frustrated with the moral and financial direction of this country. There have been recent attacks against Christians for not actively supporting the homosexual agenda, “ministers” who will not perform wedding ceremonies for such couples, and preachers who preach against homosexuality. The fact is, when Americans in the 1920s, 30s, and 60s gave the federal government the right and power to dip into our finances, we also gave them the right to “control” other aspects of our lives.

     If the “limited” government concept in the U. S. Constitution does not apply practically, then nothing else in the Constitution applies, not even the First Amendment. So, we are scared and frustrated. Shall we move to Canada?

In a recent issue of The Economist (Sept. 13th; pg. 42), the journalist compares the moral views of Canada, the U. S., and Great Britain. The statistics come from 2013. How many believe “sexual relations between unmarried people” is morally acceptable? 83% in Canada, 59% in the U. S., 82% in Britain. Divorce? The statistics are: 80% (Canada), 65% (U. S.), and 79% (Britain).

Out-of-wedlock childbirths? 78%, 53%, and 74% respectively. Stem-cell research? 65%, 52%, and 56%. Physician-assisted suicide? 65%, 35%, and 61%. How about homosexual relations? 64%, 40%, and 58%. Finally, abortion… 60%, 36%, and 54%. Was it Winston Churchill who said, “Democracy may be the worst government, except for all the rest?” It appears that we also have the worst morality except for all the rest.

     We get frustrated because we compare the United States of 2014 with the United States of 1954. That, indeed, is depressing – morally speaking. But, how about if we compare the U. S. in 2014 to the nation of Rome in the year 54 A. D.?

     The Romans in the first century were also openly practicing no-fault divorce, homosexuality, abortion, prostitution, etc. There are many more Christians in the U. S. with far greater resources in 2014 than there were in Rome in A. D. 54. Yet, within three centuries, Christianity had topped the paganism of the Roman Empire and led to an about-face in moral matters.

    While individuals are not reincarnated, history does run in cycles. We see that in the history of Israel, especially during the times of the judges. Yes, the U. S. is morally corrupt. Yes, it will likely get worse before it gets better. Yes, we will all be dead and gone within three centuries. But, yes, if the Lord delays His coming until then, the U. S. (should it still exist then) will see a spiritual turn-around. When man sees that selfishness is paganism and paganism does not answer the deepest questions of life, he’ll turn back to God.

     That’s when the Christian needs to be available, with his own faith in God intact, and the Word of Christ in his hands.

    “The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet” (Romans 16:20).

Paul Holland is the minister at Swartz Creek church of Christ, Swartz Creek, MI

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