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November 4th, 2015 | By admin

My time on earth was short and sweet,

But now there is someone I’m going to meet.

He is my brother and He is a king,

He is above every earthly living thing.

He lived on this earth, never once did He sin,

He was tempted by Satan again and again.

He healed the sick and raised people from the dead,

And made the lame to walk is what the Bible has said.

He did many miracles whether night or by day,

He is truly a blessing this I must say.

He died on the Cross for me and for you,

This is something He knew He had to do.

He died for the sins of all women and men,

And rose from the grave to walk on earth again.

Jesus Christ is the one I’m speaking of,

And all these things He truly did out of Love.

So if you are not a Christina I beg to today,

To become a child of God before it’s too late.


This poem is used by permission form the author, Kenneth J. York.

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