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August 25th, 2014 | By admin

by Paul Holland 

    Sitting in my mom’s dining room, going through old papers, I found a poem I sent to them while we were in Romania. It was written by Raymond Jackson: “Last night I took a journey, To a land across the seas. I didn’t go by boat or plane, I traveled on my knees. I saw so many people there, In the darkest depths of sin. The Lord Jesus told me I should go, Those many souls to win.

     “But I said, ‘Lord Jesus, I can’t go And work with such as these.’ He answered quickly, ‘Yes, you can, By traveling on your knees.’ Said He, ‘You pray, I’ll meet the need; You call, and I will hear. Be anxious over all lost souls, Of those both far and near.’ And I tried it; knelt in prayer, And gave some some hours of ease.

     “I felt the Lord right by my side While traveling on my knees. As I prayed on and saw men saved, And blighted spirits healed, I saw God’s workers’ strength renewed While laboring in the field. Said I, ‘Yes, Lord I have a job, ’Tis Thee I’ll ever please. I’ll gladly go and heed Thy call By traveling on my knees.”

     I sent that to my parents and the rest of our supporters in February, 2001. We had been on the mission field eight months. Jackson reminds us through that poem the power of prayer. We are familiar with the words of James: “The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much” (5:16). Translating the statement literally, he says, “Much is competent prayer of the righteous, working.” The one who is righteous, through the blood of Christ, can competently accomplish much good, appealing to the heart of the Father.

     Jackson’s poem reminds me of the song titled Ready to Suffer. One verse reads, “Ready to go or ready to stay; Ready my place to fill. Ready for service, lowly or great. Ready to do His will.” We participate in evangelism when we pray as well as when we go.

     Pray for those lost in sin and pray for those trying to reach them. Your prayers can accomplish much.

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