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July 9th, 2014 | By admin

By Paul Holland

Micaiah – 1 Kings 22

    Truth does not need updating. A man came to his old friend, a music teacher, and said to him, “What’s the good news today?”

    The old teacher was silent as he stood up and walked across the room, picked up a hammer, and struck a tuning fork. As the note sounded throughout the room, the teacher said, “It is A. It is today; it was five thousand years ago, and it will be ten thousand years from now.

    “The soprano upstairs sings off-key, the tenor across the hall flats on his high notes, an the piano downstairs is out of tune.”

    He struck the note again and said, “That is A, my friend, and that’s the good news for today.”

    Truth never changes because Truth flows from the nature of God and that never changes.

    How do we live upright in an upside down world? The prophet Micaiah will inform us that we hold to the truth, we teach the truth, and we ought to be willing to die defending the Truth.

BAD COMPANY  - 22:1-8:

    King Jehoshaphat was (basically) a good king but the evil he did was largely influenced by his relationship with King Ahab. At the point 1 Kings 22 begins, God has sent Elijah or some other prophet to Ahab at least seven times! And Ahab, at the point chapter 22 begins, has received the grace of God. But, we know that Ahab’s repentance was not very deep.

    Bad company compromises our character, as it does with King Jehoshaphat. It compromises our: morals, our reputation, and our influence.

    Before they go to war against Syria, Jehoshaphat wants to hear a word from the Lord. Four hundred false prophets tell them to “go!” Something tells Jehoshaphat he needs to look further. “Is there not a prophet of Jehovah of which we may inquire?” 

    “There is yet one man by whom we may inquire of the Lord,” Ahab responds, “but I hate him, because he does not prophesy good concerning me, but evil. He is Micaiah, son of Imlah” (vs 8).


    Every man who claims to be a teacher of God has to be put to the test (1 John 4:1). But, man likes to make up his own tests for what is true and what is false…

    Look at the messenger’s plea to Micaiah in verse 13. “Tell the kings what everybody else is saying!” But Micaiah’s response is straight from the heart of God: “As the Lord lives, what the Lord says to me, that I will speak.” Observe the “what” is the same as the “that.”

    When we speak on God’s behalf, we better make absolutely sure what He says is the same as that which we speak (1 Peter 4:11). For example, if, when asked, “What must I do to be saved?” a man does not give a response that is the same as Peter’s response in Acts 2:38, that man is not teaching the truth!

    How do we live uprightly in an upside down world? We have the courage to speak what the Lord says. If the world forgets who we are, the Father in heaven will yet inscribe our name in the Lamb’s book of life from whence no man on earth or demon in hell can erase.LIVING UPRIGHT


May 19th, 2014 | By admin

By Paul Holland 

    I want to encourage you all pursue Truth. It does not matter to me if you ask your college professor if there is a God or if you ask your co-worker if he thinks baptism is necessary for salvation or if you ask your girlfriend if she thinks instrumental music is sinful in worship to God or not. It does not matter who you ask. What does matter is that you pursue Truth.

    Is there truth? Yes or No?

 WHAT IS “TRUTH”? - Proverbs 23:23:

    The definition of “truth” is “that which is true or conforming with fact or reality.” There are historical facts. It is a historical fact that George Washington was the first president of the United States. There are also mathematical facts. There are also scientific facts. Scientific facts are truths that conform to reality that is based on observation.

    These are all truths. There are lots of truths – facts that conform to reality.


    My second point is that truth is objective. “Objective” means that the truth is “not influenced by personal feelings or opinions.” I would love to have had teachers in school who would grade my papers based on mypersonal feelings and my opinions!

    You see, if truth is what is in agreement with reality, and reality exists outside of me, then truth exists outside of me! 1+1=2 and you can say “eihn mehr eihn gleich zwein” and the truth does not change. It is objective.


    Now, as you go into the world – into the work force, the military, or the university – please know that the more you learn, the more you ought to realize how much you do not know. Unfortunately, when some earn their PhD, they too often think that they now know it all and they are an expert on everything.

    Take a minute to look at Matt Might’s Illustrated Guide to a PhD… (http://matt.might.net/articles/phd-school-in-pictures/). Don’t be intimidated by someone with a PhD!  All it means is that they know a whole lot about very little!

    When it comes to answering Bible questions, it does not matter what a person’s educational training involves. What really matters is – have they spent time in the Bible itself? Do they take Jesus and His authority seriously? Does what they say conform to reality?


    Jesus famously said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). Just before that, He had said, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine.” Jesus wants us to know that He is the Son of God. That is a truth that corresponds with reality. There is a God – that is a truth that corresponds to reality. There is such a concept as sin. That corresponds to reality. Jesus is our Savior; that is another truth that corresponds with reality.

     In other words, there are religious truths just as surely as there are historical, scientific, and mathematical truths. But the source of those religious truths is only One – the Bible. The only word of the only God.

    There is spiritual truth – only found – in the Bible. Stay dedicated to it.

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